Our Mission

We approach every challenge as creative problem solvers, designing emotionally compelling brands that drive our clients' business performance.

Dramatic Simplicity™

Our philosophy of Dramatic Simplicity™ is applied every day to everything. In an age when consumers are bombarded with thousands of sales messages and intricate nuanced detail, marketers must strip down their main message to achieve clarity and register with target consumers. Otherwise they are just contributing to noise. Likewise in business, we do our best when the processes are clearly defined and simply structured.


Our two agencies deliver daily on branding designed to drive the success of our clients’ businesses.

To support our agencies with effective administration and optimal cost efficiency, Glenn Davis Group provides the following departments: Human Resources, Finance, Information Technology, Communications and Quality Management (including ISO 9001.)


In a service environment, a favorable outcome is the result of successful interactions between people. We are appreciative that we have been able to attract and retain exceptional staff that personifies the working environment that we treasure. Our work culture is based on:

  • Respect for everyone
  • Excellence in everything
  • Integrity in every interaction
  • Innovation at every turn

For over 45 years, we have been fortunate to realize continuous growth. Our goal is never to be the biggest, but always to do the best work possible for our clients. By running the business with two separate agencies, we have kept the personality and creativity that is the essence of our business so we can continue to deliver unsurpassed service to our clients.