Glenn Davis   R.G.D.

Glenn Davis  R.G.D.

A career graphic designer who claims to have been sidetracked into building a business, Glenn began in the major Toronto studios of the 1960s, becoming an Advertising Agency Art Director before founding his own studio, Davis, in 1970.

During the last 40+ years, Glenn promoted the power of excellent branding and package design to increase clients’ sales. His studio grew from a modest entrepreneurial start-up in his basement to a multi-agency organization supporting clients primarily across North America. Throughout the period of sustained growth and reconfiguration, Glenn has always ensured that work quality has consistently met – and most often exceeded – client requirements. This commitment has been self-renewing in that it results in referrals to a broadening business base and attendant creative challenges.

strategic design building brands

Glenn embraced the phrase “strategic design building brands” to encapsulate his concept of how the studio would work. Designs are never “just pretty pictures” but always address an objective in a logical and planful manner. From the start, Glenn has sought Dramatic Simplicity™, developing brands that are intrusive but also genuinely appealing to the target market.

As the business grew, several other operating principles were developed which have been enshrined in how the studio is run today:

– The consumer is the primary focus of each and every job. Davis developed Image Diagnostics™, a Spontaneous Response Monitor based on the market research work of pioneer, Louis Cheskin. This approach replicates a typical shopping experience to help determine consumer expectations and preferences for each product or service category.

– Account teams are structured to provide the best possible client service.

– Account Directors are given autonomy and authority to service clients in the way that best meets their requirements.

– Staff is reimbursed commensurate with talent, experience and the success of the business.

passion for unsurpassed design excellence

In an industry known for turnover and change, Glenn Davis Group has relied on continuity and service quality to complement a passion for unsurpassed branding and design excellence. Our long tenured staff work alongside new generations of designers and business graduates to support our established client base. 

When it comes to the agencies of Glenn Davis Group, Glenn himself summarizes it best: “No man can really own a company; one can only be a steward and support the people that are doing the work in every way possible.”