If seasonings and topping blends could speak, what would they say?

There’s no need to guess, thanks to an exciting, new range of 15 versatile offerings from McCormick.

In 2023, Davis was initially invited to the table to develop the packaging design for McCormick’s largest digitally-native launch to date. However, by blending pun-derfully cheeky language with a vibrant color palette under an existing McCormick-owned equity, Davis’s creative solution became the main ingredient in developing a fully-realized brand identity, subsequent guidelines, and several campaign components.

“By leveraging the recognition of the popular Flavor Maker app and extending it to identify this line of exclusively direct-to-consumer products, we transform the app experience from helpful organization to an all-in-one solution,” explains Account Director, Claudia McCaffrey. We’re simultaneously building awareness and driving conversion by offering time-starved home cooks the opportunity to not only be inspired and informed by the flavor experts at McCormick, but also the convenience of saving time by purchasing the products directly online.”

To strike meaningful engagement between the brand and its consumers, Creative Director Mark Roberts knew the creative had to uniquely own and celebrate flavor in a breakthrough way. “We believed in these products and their ability to elevate the app experience so strongly that we positioned them as a combo deal. The result was a cohesive approach to developing our packaging, copywriting, and communication strategy. Flavor Maker crushes any of the conversations that other brands are having with their consumers about flavor and seasonings.”

Serving up smiles as well as great taste, memorable offerings included in the easy-to-use pinch, pour, or shake line include a sandwich seasoning confidently declaring, I’m great in bread, while a rice blend offers consumers the encouraging reassurance of a perfect meal through its optimistic sentiment of, Everything is going to be all-rice. Not to be outdone, a joker of a guacamole seasoning playfully exclaims, You’ve Guac To Be Kidding Me.

Based on the sold-out status of several varieties and glowing reviews being shared online, it’s evident that consumers are gobbling them up. Packed with personality and positioned as a fresh, exciting, and purposeful brand in the seasonings space, Flavor Maker promises strong flexibility for future innovations that will continue to significantly differentiate McCormick from competitors.

You know what they say about variety being the spice of life…  meet all 15 flavors at: https://shop.mccormick.com/collections/flavormaker