With the hazy days of summer clearly in sight, the organic experts at Santa Cruz Organic® recently re-partnered with Davis for a delicious new digital campaign.

The challenge? Celebrate summertime and the unbeatable refreshment of organic lemonade in a modern way.

The purpose? Drive awareness to draw new, fun-loving natural and organic enthusiasts to the brand while increasing purchase among Santa Cruz Organic® loyalists.

The solution: Spark the Sunshine.

Inspired by the laid-back vibe of Southern California beach culture, the creative team’s approach is a departure from organic category norms. Pairing curvy fonts with an airy, sun-kissed palette, the aesthetic strikes a nouveau-retro appeal. It’s an attractive visual extension of the brand’s legacy of expertise and a declaration of their relevance to today’s clean-seeking, fun-loving consumers.

“This digital campaign exemplifies the organic foundations of the brand,” explains Mark Roberts, Creative Director. “The package is the star here, and we’ve allowed that equity to truly shine. We collectively agreed that yellow didn’t need to lead the way. Our palette captures the glow of being outside, mid-afternoon without resorting to overt seasonal and categorical tactics. Amplifying the lightness of the mood is the Spark the Sunshine tagline. It’s inclusive, approachable, and invites everyone to the party.”

Coinciding with Fourth of July celebrations, the campaign kicked-off in mid-June.  Thematically, the timing is perfect for demonstrating the versatility and pure refreshment of lemonade. The ads drive awareness and consideration by highlighting flavor selection as well as usage occasions such as cookouts, cocktails, and picnics.

The campaign continues throughout the summer with new elements dropping during the final week of July.